USDA graduate schoolUSDA graduate school

What exactly is graduate school?

Graduate school is typically a program of study that focuses on a specific course of study, such as business or on a specific profession, such as a chef.  A graduate school is usually going to be more concentrated in a particular direction, instead of a general study like you would find in an Undergraduate program.  You will also find that the amount of work and the quality of that work is going to be much greater in graduate school than what you’ll find in an Undergraduate program.

Graduate SchoolYou will find that Graduate degrees are available in just about any course of study and they will come with three different levels of completion.  Master, Specialist and Doctorate.  The course requirements and length will vary depending on the type of degree you are seeking.

Graduate school degrees

Master’s Degree – This degree is designed to prepare you to move on to a doctorate degree in most cases.  Some courses of study end at this degree.  The typical student will complete their Master’s degree in 2 years.

Specialist Degree – This degree is earned after you complete your Master’s degree, in most cases.  This will require additional studies and will sometimes require internship to complete.  Usually these studies will prepare you for a certification or license in your field of study.

Doctoral Degree – This degree is usually the highest level possible.  The Doctoral level of study will usually entail research in your field or additional study on your own that culminates in a dissertation or study that you will have to defend.  Typically this will take anywhere from 4-7 years to complete.

General Requirements

The general requirements are that students must have earned a previous undergraduate degree prior to starting in a graduate program.  These programs can be found at the same school where you obtained your undergraduate degree, but they can also be found at specialty schools for the particular subject.  It’s interesting to note that in areas other than North America, the term used to refer to graduate schools is “postgraduate education”.  Medical students are often called “medical students” instead of graduate students.  Graduate school can be challenging, but in the end it’s extremely beneficial and rewarding.