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Medical Assistant Training

The Medical Assistant is one of the most demanding jobs that are needed by the country. There is a huge need for people who can work in hospitals, clinics and health centers providing all the health related assistance needed by the patients. Many people are pursing medical assistant training in order to help patients.

Certification is not required, but it is often preferred due to legal issues and because of high level of responsibilities. To obtain a certificate, one has to pass several tests. The medical assistant acts as “eyes and ears” of the nurse and doctor. The medical assistant must have good observational skills in addition to knowledge of medical procedures, because a nurse may not be always available due to other commitments.

Medical Assistant Training

The best way of becoming a certified medical assistant is to take a proper Medical Assistant Training course. The advantage of being a medical assistant is that you can pursue your medical education and become LPN or RN later. As a medical assistant you will get enough training to start your career and even while you work, you will be able to carry on with your education and improve your career prospects.

There are two methods to obtain your Medical Assistant Training.

  • The first way is through the conventional practice, in which you will attend scheduled lectures and classes to gain the skills required and then apply them practically in the practical classes, usually through a college or university. This is the best option for those who want On the Job Training and who have the luxury of time to attend classes regularly.
  • Another option is through one of the many online medical assistant training courses. Of course you will need to have reliable internet access and access to a computer, so that you can sign in to class daily and check your assignments, engage in discussions and submit your assignments once they are complete. This option works best for those people who work in the day and also for those who prefer to learn independently. You will have an instructor for answering questions and guiding you through your studies either through a phone call or email. But, the biggest drawback of online medical assistant training is that hands on training is not possible.

medical assistant trainingYou will have the opportunity of taking the certification exam once you have completed the medical assistant training program. The certification exams could include a written exam, technical exam and may be an oral exam too. It is important to perform the basic tasks efficiently, because it will show your comfort level with the operation of equipment and that you can assist a patient, if required. The certification exams may vary from state to state and every state does it differently, but the differences are minor. All of them would require a passing score for you to become a registered medical assistant.

Once you have passed the exam successfully, you will be registered as a certified medical assistant in your state. A few states issue a certification card, but that is not true for all states. You will have to renew your certification every year in order to stay active.

The career of a medical assistant attracts many people from across the globe. There are various courses which help you to becoming a medical assistant. These courses last for 6 months to 1 year. Usually, all job interviews will verify the details of training and courses undergone by the individual.

The training is the most vital part of a medical assistant’s career. Without the proper training, a medical assistant can turn out to be disaster in critical conditions. Therefore, it is moral and legal responsibility of the individual to take proper theoretical and practical training before he/she gets in to this career which is essential for the future demands.

Medical Assistant Training: Role of a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant performs various important tasks during their course of duty. It is not possible to list all of them out, however a few of them which are important are listed here.

  • He/she makes sure that a bed ridden patient’s sides are changed regularly to avoid bedsores.
  • He/she helps the patients in answering nature’s call.
  • He/she helps patients in performing their regular exercise.
  • He/she ensures that the medicine and food are given to patient on time.
  • He/she is proficient in dressing the wounds as needed.
  • He/she helps in shifting the patients from one unit to other health care units.
  • He/she always ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness.
  • He/she is observant enough to answer the patient’s call immediately.

Hospitals and medical homes are the places where certified medical assistants work. There is also a provision provided by several agencies where patients can stay in their home and get the treatment done. For those purposes some agencies are providing medical assistants to help a patient recover in their home from illnesses or medical procedures. Apart from taking care of the patients health, there are several sensitive areas and issues that medical assistant needs to take handle, such as: patients care, disabilities, illness, handling patients who are under stress, etc.

Online certified courses for certified medical assistant are also available. Students who are unable to pursue regular medical assistant training courses can take advantage of the many online facilities and succeed in his or her career.