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Medical Assistant Certification

Being one of the fastest growing careers in the United States, a medical assistants employment and job opportunities are foreseen to continually be in demand until 2018.  Although one can easily become a medical assistant even without the certification or registration, it is imperative for the professional to obtain a medical assistant certification.  Getting a certificate is not required however, with a medical assistant certification; the professional can easily find a high paying job and employers would most likely prioritize applicants with such professional background and achievement.


One may be able to find schools where medical assistant certification programs are being offered but if you are uncertain as to what school offers a good program, you may want to check out many graduate schools across the country.


Before you begin this career path you should make sure to fully understand the responsibilities of a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant CertificationMedical assistants are responsible for correspondence and making certain that the doctor’s equipment is well prepared before any of his procedures.  More often than not, a medical assistant’s work is alongside the doctor.  Therefore, making sure that all appointments are scheduled, all patients information are well kept and the equipment is calibrated and cleaned are just few of the most important medical assistant responsibilities.  A Medical assistant also serves as the communication pathway of the doctors and their patients, so they are expected to have excellent communication skills.

If you are more than one hundred percent sure that you are going to get a medical assistant certification, then you must attend and graduate from a medical assistant course from an accredited school.  The usual length for a medical assistant program varies from school to school; nonetheless, it usually adds up to eight to nine months of training and classroom lectures.

Receiving Certification

After passing and graduating from a medical assistant program, one should now hurdle the path of taking an examination.  Like all other health care professionals, one must take an exam that is computer-based in order to get a medical assistant certification.  The examination roughly involves 200 questions which consist of multiple choice questions.  After passing the exam, you will need to wait approximately nine weeks for the issuance of the certificate.

Most medical assistants would not resort into taking or getting a certification because of financial issues as well as time constraints.  Many schools offer online classes so that students will be able to learn and graduate while working.  These schools are adapting the technology and how it changes the lives of many people so that students will be able to take the course in their own free time.  However, they do need to submit frequent examinations online and have to pass with it with good grades.

As mentioned earlier, a medical assistant certification isn’t a legal requirement however, it becomes an asset for the professional.  Employers nowadays are targeting employees who possess the qualities of a good medical assistant and at the same time, has the certification to prove of his or her professional education.  It may take a lot of extra effort to take classes and sit through an examination; however at the end of the day, you will gain more than what you bargained for, a medical assistant certification.